Thanks for working with us at Bristol Community Learning. On this page you will find lots of useful information and links

From newsletters to induction paperwork and useful links. This is our support page for tutors.

There are lots of useful resources for you to use stored on google drive. It you have any problems getting access to the drive get in touch. You must complete this form to be allowed access.

To access a full Padlet account you need to visit our custom link: clw.padlet.org, from here you can sign in using your Google communitylearningwest.net account to automatically register as a tutor.


Our safeguarding lead is Suzanne Beard. You can contact here at the link below or go straight to our safeguarding page by clicking here.

IT issues & training

You can contact James using the link below to arrange training, enquire about the availability of kit or WiFi access and also to have video or audio resources made available.