This is a list of actual scam emails

Below is a list of actual sample email scams and some additional details when you hover on the box to the right.

Your email account may be suspended

Click to download malicious software

This message fraudulently tells you your account is about to expire and tries to get you to click the link to read the message. The sender of the message is not from Lehigh and the link takes you to a non-Lehigh site which may have malicious software. Delete this message. NOTE: you can hover over links to see that it does not go to a real Lehigh domain. You can also verify if your account will soon expire by going to your Lehigh Account web page linked at the bottom of the main Lehigh and Inside Lehigh web pages.

You've been sent a file

Click to download malicious software

Many phishing messages use emails with links to Drop Box (or other online sharing services) documents. If you hover your mouse cursor over the link, it will show the address it is attempting to get you to go to. The messages may appear to be from people you know. If you are not expecting a file, you should immediately be suspicious and use extreme caution.