From a bit of help keeping up with the kids to a higher level functional skills course to get that new job. We’ve got you covered.

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Tutor focus

I am the Core Tutor for Functional Skills English with Community Leaning, I design and deliver Functional Skills English and ESOL courses for adults in community settings. I also have 5+ years of teaching English as a Second Language experience in the UK and abroad; having taught children and adults from beginner to advanced levels, including English for Academic Purposes, as well as beginner language and literacy development.

What will I learn?

Studying functional skills English will enhance your communication abilities, which is a crucial skill in the professional world.

With improved skill in the English language  you will be able to express yourself clearly and confidently, whether it’s through writing to your children’s school or applying for a job. 

Also, a strong command of the language enables you to engage in conversation and connect with more people. From being able to understand what is really being said on the news to talking to teachers to just being able to speak to other people when at the shops.

Our English classes can be taken at the same time as an ESOL course (English for Speakers of other languages) for those needing to improve their conversational skills. When you take on an English class some will aim to increase confidence or particular skills but many will aim to give you a qualification up to level 2 in Functional Skills. A Functional Skills qualification is similar to a GCSE and is something many employers look for.

What makes this different from school?


Our courses are more practical, fun and relaxed. People make friends, bring in food to share and have far more opportunities to chat and ask questions.


You’ll find that studying as an adult can be a very different experience.