Everyone has the right to feel safe. Lots of things can affect your safety and how safe you feel.
Safeguarding means protecting the health, wellbeing and human rights of people and allowing people to live free from abuse, harm or neglect.

These pages can help you find information and support and further links

The documents on this page cover issues like abuse, discrimination and harassment as well as links for reporting incidents or concerns and local support groups. Our safeguarding policy can be found here.


Prevent is the name for the work done by government, local authorities, the police and lots of other agencies to keep people safe from radicalisation and extremist activities. Prevent Leaflet, Educate against hate leaflet

Local support agencies

There are lots of local and national groups who can offer advice and support on things like debt or legal issues, children and family support, crime and violence, civil liberty, housing and mental health. You can find the contact details for some of these in our keeping safe leaflet

Reporting an incident or concern

if you need to report an incident such as online bullying, anti-social behaviour, abuse, threats, or harassment you can fill in our online incident form. List of contact numbers for safeguarding incidents can be found here

Online safety and cyber security is important for everyone in your family. Click here to find some useful videos and guides to help you and your family stay safe online. Learner e-safety document is here