Courses and costs

We receive Skills Funding Agency Funding and courses are generally free to targeted learners.  Courses cost between £1,000 and £5,000 to deliver, depending on length and costs.  We are looking to partners to support us through free or cheap venues, and financial or kind contributions to support and childcare costs.

To find out more about opportunities in a geographical area, please contact the relevant development worker.


If you want to explore commissioning or other joint working opportunities please contact Elke Hein, Community Learning Manager      tel. 90 39750

Complaints Form please email to
BCC Subcontracting Commissioning Fees Charges Policy Jun 2017

Engage and build confidence

Confidence building, new directions

Fun activities including health and beauty, bike maintenance, healthy eating on a budget

For parents & carers

Short parenting courses such as ‘dealing with tantrums’

Family Learning courses including; story sacks, circus skills, getting ready for school, exploring computers together and courses to help parents support children with English and maths

Functional skills

English and maths both accredited and ‘pathways’ courses

Non accredited IT, including basic IT and digital stories

Money matters

Learn for work

Online applications and career planning

Food hygiene, first aid at work

Introduction to working in schools/health and social care


Learn for the community

Introduction to volunteering

Setting up a community group


And more

These are just a few examples of the sort of courses we deliver.  We offer many more courses and courses are planned in response to local need, interest and demand.  For courses currently running please look at: