This project is here to improve maths skills. All adults and businesses across the UK can benefit from Multiply.

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The government’s new £560 million programme to help transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of adults across the UK is coming in Spring 2022 and will be delivered through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Numeracy is the ability to understand and use maths in daily life, home, and work.  Whether that be improving household finances, helping children with homework, making more sense of the stats and facts in the media, or improving numeracy skills specific to your line of work.

People who improve their numeracy skills are more likely to be in employment, have higher wages, and better wellbeing, and will be more able to progress to higher levels of free training to secure a skilled job in our economy.

Businesses who develop their employees’ numeracy skills can boost productivity, increase profits, and improve employee retention.

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Interest is a topic that often confuses people. In this video we look at how to work out both simple and compound forms of interest.

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In this video we look at the importance of understanding measurements. Knowing the difference between millimetres and millilitres can help you save money and get

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Number estimation

VIDEO : 3 minute digital animation Number estimation is a core maths skill. This technique is incredibly important for checking your work and is invaluable

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Visual estimation

VIDEO : 3 minute digital animation – requires audio How and when to use visual estimation. Visual estimation is all about making judgements and calculations


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Read and compare fractions

These slides will help you to read and write and compare fractions. Through this unit we will look at how you can compare the relative

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Ordering decimals

In this unit we will put decimal amounts in order of size and compare decimal amounts to percentages and fractions   Interactive unit with quiz

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Adding and subtracting strategy

In this unit we will look at strategies for working out larger calculations in addition and subtraction. This is typically known as column working. Interactive

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Using fractions

What is a fraction? When an object is divided into a number of equal parts, each part is called a fraction. Let’s take a look…

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Number and counting

This unit works through a series of activities to help you understand the basics of place value and counting. The unit includes the basics of

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Superstore calculations

This is a short interactive quiz module designed to run through some real world calculations of numbers and quantities. Tasks also include reading from charts

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Superstore discounts

This is a short module that covers how to work out discounts through decimal conversions.   Introduction and quiz module 10 minutes Handout and worksheet 

Multiply Programme is funded and managed by the West of England Combined authority led by Metro Mayor Dan Norris and delivered by Bristol City Council.