Mohammed came to Britain 18 months ago as part of the Syrian Resettlement Programme. At first he was housed in Glasgow then moved to Bristol.

In Syria he left school at the age of 13 years and trained as an electrician but subsequently had a motorbike accident that left him partially blinded.  Despite this he started a laundry business with his brother but due to the worsening situation in Syria he and his family fled. At this time he totally lost his sight due to shrapnel.

He’s really enjoying the ESOL classes he’s doing at Easton Families Centre, although at first he couldn’t understand what was going on! He thinks that having learner support in the classroom has enabled him to stay in the ESOL class as it helped him to participate.

He particularly enjoyed the outing to Windmill Hill City Farm with the ESOL class.

I love to be outside. I got to know all the animal names in English. I liked when I touched the animals

Mohammed also liked cooking in the ESOL class. The tutor gave him a structure so he could give instructions to the others. He also discovered that he could cut, roll dough: do anything in the kitchen because he used his hands, he said.

I learnt a new ability, now I can cook at home

Mohammed is progressing to a higher level at the Beacon Centre