I found out about Bristol community learning courses when I was going to the local children’s centre with my youngdaughter. I’d always wanted to better myself and they weren’t really scary courses that went on for years, they were really manageable, a few weeks at a time. I figured I can’t work at the moment but I can learn. My most recent course was an English class, it was tricky but I really wanted to do it because I failed it at school. We had to do a presentation as part of our exam, it was only in front of a few people but was really daunting. The confidence it gave me was outstanding, there is not a chance I would have done that years ago.

It makes me think how far I’ve come, to be able to stand up and do that!

I am working now helping to organise transport for older people but my job also helps people that are in the position I was in. People on benefits, struggling to find work and afraid to learn. I’ve been that person struggling and not knowing where to turn. Being on the course has given me the confidence to go for it. So if you are a bit nervous, just give it a go, you won’t regret it.