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If instructed by your tutor you can perform an online enrolment by clicking this button.





Is, quite simply, to enable as many residents as possible across Bristol to access training and development opportunities​


Our priority is on residents who are in receipt of some form of benefit​


Our priority is on residents who are in receipt of some form of benefit


Our role is to help adults with few or no qualifications to gain skills and build confidence, so that they can progress to further learning opportunities or find work.

We work in targeted neighbourhoods to design accessible and responsive learning that is delivered flexibly. We focus on people who face a wide range of barriers to learning and work. Supporting them to explore and set goals, to celebrate their achievements and to progress on to new opportunities and challenges.

We deliver and commission free short courses in a range of subjects to build confidence and basic skills at a range of community venues across Bristol.

Once you’ve found a course you’re interested in from our course list that is yet to start you may well find that there are details on how to join on that page by directly contacting the tutor.

If, however, you’ve been sent here from that page please contact our admin team by email or phone: 01172 510230

Once signed up and any fees, if applicable, have been agreed and paid as appropriate you can simply attend the course.

We have details on our courses page to give you more detail about the venue, parking and how to find the room so be sure to look there before your first lesson. Typically there are direct contact details for your tutor so please make sure to keep these in case you need help on the day.

Finally, many of our venues have creche facilities or additional help for the disabled. If you can call your tutor prior to the start of your course it really helps us to put into place the extra bits and pieces to help plan these things in advance.


Information will be added here soon as rulings about costings are just in the process of being changed

Information will be added here soon as rulings about costings are just in the process of being changed

If you are not one of the groups we are targeting we may still be able to help you access courses. We fully understand that just because you do not fall into a specific group you may still not have the funds for expensive college courses.

Please contact our office admin team to discuss costs prior to joining

More information will be added here soon as rulings abut costings are just in the process of being changed


The Bristol community learning team has access to state of the art systems provided by Google to help us deliver training and make support materials available to you outside of the class.

For those of you comfortable doing so you will have free access to additional training tools. If you need help and support and, providing you are on one of our longer programs, we can help you get online, create an email account and improve your digital literacy at no extra cost

All learners on longer courses will automatically be provided with a new email address for

This email is primarily used for you to access our online portal and discuss classes with other students but also gives you free access to an office suite and free storage at any computer you log in at.

We expect all learners on these courses to complete a short piece of digital safeguarding training and agree to our IT policy

We plan to keep these email functioning for a period following your course but can make no guarantees as to how long this period will be. We can provide advice about creating a new account following the course.

What Our LEARNERS say


‘Fantastic!’ she says and ‘I’ve never looked back’ ‘ I’ve never been a full time, stay at home mum since that course’.



I’ve been that person struggling and not knowing where to turn. Being on the course has given me the confidence to go for it. So if you are a bit nervous, just give it a go, you won’t regret it.