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We think the best way for you to improve your skills and knowledge is to join a Community Learning course but you can also do activities at home to learn and practice your skills.

On this page we have lots of modules, quizzes, activities, and how to guides to help you to learn at home.




nouns e
Animated video

Proper Nouns

Video – Powtoon – when to use a proper noun : 6min Quiz – interactive Proper Noun matching exercise : 5 mins

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coins in order e

Ordering decimals

In this unit we will put decimal amounts in order of size and compare decimal amounts to percentages and fractions   Interactive unit with quiz

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superstore blurred e

Receipt calculations

A short quiz module that covers simple addition from a shopping list followed by working out the cheapest item through division and multiplication. Interactive quiz

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man givign speech e
Animated video

Persuasive language

In this short video we talk about the different techniques you can use to make your language more persuasive to others. These techniques will help

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