Online lessons for adults

We think the best way for you to improve your skills and knowledge is to join a Community Learning course but you can also do activities at home to learn and practice your skills.

On this page we have lots of modules, quizzes, activities, and how to guides to help you to learn at home.

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Approximations and rounding

This module shows you how do rounding to a whole number or to one or two decimal places, followed an exercises to work through. Interactive quiz

probability e


Probability is how we look at the chances of something happening. It’s a useful skill for all sorts of reasons and, in this video, we’ll be taking a look at how to calculate and use probability to your advantage. Video – 3 minutes

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Animated video

Persuasive language

In this short video we talk about the different techniques you can use to make your language more persuasive to others. These techniques will help you in your functional skills exams as well as in employment or whenever you need to make a good argument for something. Animated video on

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Animated video

Number estimation

VIDEO : 3 minute digital animation Number estimation is a core maths skill. This technique is incredibly important for checking your work and is invaluable in completing exams and not losing easy marks.

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Grammar and punctuation

A short set of quiz modules to test level 1 learners by letting them practice how to combine grammar and punctuation to form English sentences.   QUIZ module: 5-10 minutes iSpring

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Animated video

Converting measurements 2

In this follow on video we look at how to convert between pence and pounds as well as minutes and seconds. Animated video – 3 minutes

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Using fractions

What is a fraction? When an object is divided into a number of equal parts, each part is called a fraction. Let’s take a look… Interactive unit with quiz

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Reading an article – radicalisation

This is a unit to talk learners through a news article about an attack on mosque. The aim is to look at more advanced terminology and understand the words and their context. Link to unit INCLUDES Link to written article Discussion points around article Multi part quiz 10mins