Online lessons for adults

We think the best way for you to improve your skills and knowledge is to join a Community Learning course but you can also do activities at home to learn and practice your skills.

On this page we have lots of modules, quizzes, activities, and how to guides to help you to learn at home.




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Reading skills

Improving your reading skills can be a massive benefit to work, family life and tackling exams. Take a look at this video for some extra

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Equivalent fractions

This module shows you how to work out equivalent fractions followed by a number of exercises to practice. Equivalent fractions are two fractions that are

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Animated video

Bar Charts

Bar charts are a great way to compare types of data. You’ve probably seen them used lots of times before. In this video we’re going

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Number and counting

This unit works through a series of activities to help you understand the basics of place value and counting. The unit includes the basics of

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