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We think the best way for you to improve your skills and knowledge is to join a Community Learning course but you can also do activities at home to learn and practice your skills.

On this page we have lots of modules, quizzes, activities, and how to guides to help you to learn at home.

magazines e

Purpose of a text – articles

As part of the reading exam you could be asked to identify the purpose of a text. This module will show you how the language of a text shows you its purpose. Interactive quiz

formal informal e
Animated video

Formal vs Informal

This is a video animation explaining the differences between formal and informal language and an explanation of when you would want to use one or the other. The video also looks at some of the characteristics of the two types of language to help you better write letters adopting a

Ratio e

Ratio & Proportion

Ratio and Proportion are skills that we use every day without even thinking about it. This video takes a look at where we find these skills in everyday life and how we can use them properly in exams and work. Video  – 5 minutes

money round table e


VIDEO: 8 minute animated video Bias is present in many types of writing. This video looks at ways of spotting biased viewpoints in a document. Follow up activity : Google quiz on the video

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Tackling a reading exam

Find out what you should know to get good results, get some helpful tips and tackle an actual Level 1 reading exam and get feedback on your answers. Module Associated files: Sample question paper Document 1  Document 2 Answer paper    

data e

Handling data

Whenever we want to make a case for something, whether in work, an exam or in our personal life, data can be key. In this video we talk about the importance and ability of tables and graphs to better convey evidence. Video – 2 minutes 30 Associated work A short

writing notepad e

How to write using paragraphs

Learn how to make your writing easier to read through using paragraphs. Paragraphs are a group of sentences. These sentences talk about the same thing or follow on from each other. They are used in writing to introduce new topics or pieces of information. Paragraphs make your writing easier to

digital creativity e

The language of reports

The purpose of a report is to give to give the reader information and recommendations about something. Therefore, it needs to be clear, accurate, formal and informative. In this unit we will look at some examples of how this can be done.   Interactive unit with quiz sections.

job application success
Animated video

Persuasive language – job search

A 3 minute video talking about how to us persuasive language techniques to improve your chances of securing a job interview. Video: 3 minute Powtoon