Online lessons for adults

We think the best way for you to improve your skills and knowledge is to join a Community Learning course but you can also do activities at home to learn and practice your skills.

On this page we have lots of modules, quizzes, activities, and how to guides to help you to learn at home.

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Animated video


VIDEO: 3 minute digital animation Bodmas (also sometimes called Bidmas) is a core maths tool. This handy mnemonic helps you to remember the correct order to use when working through sums. Brackets, Orders (or other or indices), Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

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Animated video

Visual estimation

VIDEO : 3 minute digital animation – requires audio How and when to use visual estimation. Visual estimation is all about making judgements and calculations based on what you can see or observe. This is a very useful skill for many jobs.

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Report writing

This is a short level 2 look at some example reports interactive module  – 5 mins

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Why do we need to learn to write articles? This 3 minute video explains why you might need to learn how to write an article and will help you to understand some of the basic concepts involved in the topic.   Video – 3 minutes

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This video outlines why and how you might use persuasive language techniques and appropriate layout to create a leaflet. Video – 3 minutes

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Animated video

Bar Charts

Bar charts are a great way to compare types of data. You’ve probably seen them used lots of times before. In this video we’re going to take you through the basic steps to create your own, and avoid common mistakes. We’ll be looking at Vertical charts Horizontal charts Stacked charts

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National Numeracy Champions

Become a National Numeracy Champion! Our community learning project ‘Multiply’ are helping adults to improve their numeracy skills. Understanding numeracy and using it in everyday life can be a hard to manage. Multiply want to help adults overcome their anxieties with numbers and build their confidence. Numeracy champions can help

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Adding and subtracting strategy

In this unit we will look at strategies for working out larger calculations in addition and subtraction. This is typically known as column working. Interactive unit

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Approximations and rounding

This module shows you how do rounding to a whole number or to one or two decimal places, followed an exercises to work through. Interactive quiz