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This page is the full collection of all resources created for the Flexible Learning Fund project. The project has now finished but content will be added to this page in the coming months. As we are in active development please bear in mind that some units may still be work in progress. If you are not part of the project but would like details of how you can use this content please look at our legal section.

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newspaper  e

How to write an article

Articles appear in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other online publications. They are usually formal texts which tell the reader about something. This module will talk

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Capture  e

Reading skills

Improving your reading skills can be a massive benefit to work, family life and tackling exams. Take a look at this video for some extra

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chalk pie chart e
Animated video

Pie charts

When should we use Pie charts to explain our data? Are they related to lovely Apple Pie? Find out more here: Animated video – 4 minutes

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coins in order e

Ordering decimals

In this unit we will put decimal amounts in order of size and compare decimal amounts to percentages and fractions   Interactive unit with quiz

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british money e
Animated video


Interest is a topic that often confuses people. In this video we look at how to work out both simple and compound forms of interest.

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shape and space e

Shape and Space

Being able to measure and define our spaces is a critical skill for work and home. Consequently it is also an important skill to learn

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