Flexible Learning Fund

The Flexible Learning Fund is a joint project between Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Councils. We are also collaborating with Weston, Bristol, SGS and Bath colleges. The project is supported by BoomSatsuma and Digital_Profile

Content Production Process

Work is to be discussed at practitioner group and tasks allocated via James Bruton and James Fellows (FLF project manager). Any work product must include:

  • Open source images or suggestions that we can then source
  • Questions with correct answers clearly marked, please refer to guidance document below
  • Documents can be sent directly to the digital team to start work using the button below

Once content has been drafted electronically by the digital team the content will be sent to the checking team board and assigned by James. There is then a two point checking process before the item will be passed to the digital team for storage.






Steering group

30/1/19 English videos finish