05 Jun 2020 - 10 Jul 2020


9:30 am - 11:30 am

Parenting (Staying Sane during Lockdown) [online]

This FREE triple p based parenting course focuses on improving behaviour at home including communication, home schooling, keeping kids active, praise and attention, dealing with meltdowns, ground-rules and difficult behaviour management amongst other things which will lead to a happier home life for all.

The course will be delivered flexibly via a mix of live video chat and online resources which you will be able to access at anytime and will be updated weekly.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding why children behave as they do & the power of praise and attention
  • Supporting and building independence
  • Keeping children active and engaged, useful now more than ever!
  • Setting clear expectations and boundaries
  • Dealing with low-level problem behaviour
  • Dealing with more serious problem behaviour
  • Planning and putting in a place a plan for activities that often cause a meltdown

To be eligible for the course you need to be aged 19+ with few or no qualifications or  experiencing barriers to learning

The course will run weekly – every Friday – from 1st May to 5th June 2020

To enrol, please email