Functional Skills Maths

An accredited maths course where you can get a qualification. Learn in a friendly and supportive class with other adults. Increase skills and confidence in using Functional Skill Maths tools and techniques and successfully complete the exams.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Use, convert and calculate using metric measures (and imperial measures for Level 2).
  • Solve problems requiring calculation, with common measures, including money, time, length, weight, capacity and temperature.
  • Solve problems involving ratio and proportion, where one number is a multiple of the other.
  • Use simple formulae expressed in words for one or two-step operations.
  • Construct geometric diagrams, models and shapes.
  • Find area, perimeter (and volume for Level 2) of common shapes.
  • Extract and interpret information from tables, diagrams, charts and graphs.
  • Find mean and range (median and mode for Level 2).

This course is open to learners (aged 19+) that have lower than a Level 2 qualification in Maths. There is a crèche available but places must be booked prior to course starting.

The course will run weekly – every Wednesday – from 9th January to 26th June 2019

To enrol, please contact Edwina Provansal 07825315820 or email


09 Jan 2019 - 26 Jun 2019


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Evergreen Primary Academy (formerly Millpond Primary School)


Evergreen Primary Academy (formerly Millpond Primary School)
Bristol BS5 0YR, UK
Edwina Provansal


Edwina Provansal
0117 903 9750 or 07825315820