Functional Skills Maths

Accredited OCR maths course. Opportunity to work flexibly with some online resources

The course will allow learners to develop the knowledge and skills to gain a Maths qualification.

The Learning outcomes include:

  • Use, convert and calculate using metric measures. (and imperial measures L2).
  • Solve problems requiring calculation, with common measures, including money, time, length, weight, capacity and temperature.
  • Solve problems involving ratio and proportion, where one number is a multiple of the other. (Solve problems involving scale L2).
  • Use simple formulae expressed in words for one or two step operations.
  • Construct geometric diagrams, models and shapes.
  • Find area, perimeter (and volume L2) of common shapes.
  • Extract and interpret information from tables, diagrams, charts and graphs.
  • Find mean and range. (Find median and mode L2).
  • Use probability to assess the likelihood of an outcome.

This course is open to learners (aged 19+) wanting to gain a qualification and wanting to build skills and confidence in maths techniques and tools.

There is a crèche available but this will need to be booked in advance.

The course will run weekly – every Monday – from 14th January to 01 July 2019

To enrol, please contact Suzanne Gaffney on 0117 9030072 or 07887451776

Further info : The centre is a fully accessible building and is on the bus route to Long Cross, Lawrence Weston.


14 Jan 2019 - 01 Jul 2019


9:15 am - 11:30 am
Long Cross Specialist Children's Centre


Long Cross Specialist Children's Centre
Long Cross, Bristol BS11 0LP, UK
Suzanne Gaffney


Suzanne Gaffney
07887451776 or 0117 903 9750