Richard Davies


Richard Davies
01179030060 or 07788353420
Filton Avenue Nursery School


Filton Avenue Nursery School
Blakeney Road, Bristol BS7 0DL, UK


23 Sep 2019 - 02 Dec 2019


9:30 am - 11:30 am

Entry ESOL

This course is designed for English as second language learners at the very beginning of their learning with very little spoken and written English skills.

Learning objectives include:

  • Listen and respond to simple questions
  • Participate in simple everyday exchanges
  • Recognise and read key words
  • Learn to form letters of the alphabet
  • Spell some personal, common, familiar words

This course is open to learners (aged 19+) who speak English as their second language

The course will run weekly – every Monday– from 16 September to 25 November 2019.

A crèche is available but places will need to be booked before the course starts.

To enrol, please contact Richard Davies on 07788353420 or email

Further info on venue :