Richard Davies


Richard Davies
01179030060 or 07788353420


Feddon Buildings,Gainsborough Square,Lockleaze
Bristol BS7 9FB, UK


16 Sep 2019 - 18 Nov 2019


12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Customer Service Level 1

A practical course that will help you to grow your skills and confidence in developing excellent customer service and gain a recognised qualification.

Learning objectives include:

  • Give examples of different customers and list the needs/expectations they may have
  • Explain main ways of communicating effectively and how these may affect the customer
  • Describe how to work in line with an organisation’s procedure when dealing with client confidentiality
  • List common complaints a customer may have and describe how these should be handled showing good customer service

This course is open to learners (aged 19+) who have few or no qualifications.

The course will run weekly – every Monday – from 16 September to 18 November 2019.

To enrol, please contact Richard Davies on 07788353420

Further info: The course is being held at Fedden Buildings, Gainsborough Square, Lockleaze (next to THE HUB)