Cooking from around the world


9:30 am - 12:00 pm


14 Sep 2023 - 19 Oct 2023
Bishopsworth Children's Centre


Bishopsworth Children's Centre
2 Lakemead Grove, Bristol BS13 8EA
Helen Richards


Helen Richards
07760990855 or 0117 903 9750

About this course

A practical and friendly course to broaden your knowledge of world cuisine and introduce you and your family to new and exciting foods and cultures.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Explain what a staple food is
  • Share your opinion with group about why many foods are imported in the UK
  • List two ingredients used to flavour dishes from a chosen country
  • prepare and cook a dessert from a European country
  • Identify the national dish of at least three countries and discuss different dining customs from around the world
  • Produce a balanced meal from a popular Asian cuisine

This course is open to Adults aged 19 years plus with few or no formal qualifications

This course will run on 14th September – 19th October  2023

To enrol please contact Helen 07760990855 or email


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