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Read and compare fractions

These slides will help you to read and write and compare fractions. Through this unit we will look at how you can compare the relative size of different fractions as well as learning some of the terms used when talking about them. Interactive unit with quiz

Ordering decimals

In this unit we will put decimal amounts in order of size and compare decimal amounts to percentages and fractions   Interactive unit with quiz modules

Adding and subtracting strategy

In this unit we will look at strategies for working out larger calculations in addition and subtraction. This is typically known as column working. Interactive unit

Converting decimals

These slides will help you to convert decimals to fractions and percentages. This will help you to put them in order of size. Interactive unit with quiz

Converting measurements 2

In this follow on video we look at how to convert between pence and pounds as well as minutes and seconds. Animated video – 3 minutes

Identifying layout techniques

In this video we look at how documents use style and layout to present their ideas and persuade you of their content. Animated video   Additional resources Google quiz based on this video


In this video we look at how to work out the average of a set of numbers as well as the reasons why this can be such a useful skill. Video – 3 minutes

Preparing for a presentation

One of the core skills for a speaking and listening exam is giving a presentation. In this video we look at some tips to help you prepare for this part of an exam. It can also be useful to prepare for a tricky interview. Animated video – 3 minutes

Look, say, cover, write, check

In this animated video we look at a simple technique to help you improve how you study and practice your spelling with the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check’ method. Animated video – 3 minutes

10 tips for formal letters

So, you need to write a formal letter but you know that you need to brush up to make sure that it’s fit for purpose. Enter our top 10 tips for formal letters top help you knock it out of the park! Animated video – 3 minutes