Looking for some fun learning activities to do with your children? Why not try our specially designed free family learning activities. 

These activities are suitable for primary age children and include videos, activities, tasks and quizzes

We have also put together some useful links to other websites and organisations providing activities that can help your children to learn at home.

  • Bristol Skills English – Videos, quizzes and tutorials for English topics.
  • Word Trip – iOS appAndroid app. – Great little fun word game. Free but with adverts
  • English with Emma – Great English lessons focused on speakers of other languages
  • Read books together, or write own comic strip / short story and illustrate it
  • Learn the spellings of tricky words
  • Look up and learn 10 new words a day and write a sentence using each new word in context.
  • Word games, crosswords, scrabble, puzzles
  • SpellTower – iOS app. Fun and free spelling , crossword game
  • Audible – Audible stories is a selection of free audio books for kids, no login. This is a fantastic!
  • Digital Parenting – Excellent advice from Vodafone about balancing online use for your kids.
  • Scratch Jr – Learn to code, basic lessons for kids
  • CodingGame – Advanced lessons in coding based on making games
  • Educate in VR – If you’re lucky enough to have a PSVR, Oculus or other headset try out this list with the kids. For my money I’d get Titans of Space
  • Why not video chat friends and family? Maybe the grandparents could set a small lesson in the afternoon.
  • Savvy Shopping – Our guide to cheap and easy meals on a budget
  • Sport England – #StayInWorkOut, some guidance and ideas for keeping fit at home
  • Yoga Fareham – Free Yoga classes for adults and family classes. Free but accepting donations
  • School of SOS – Free Dance classes live streamed through Instagram and on Zoom
  • PnP Arcade –  Board games to print out and play with your kids. Many are free
  • Joe Wicks – Great exercise routines for all ages.