Family Learning

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  • Bristol Skills English – Videos, quizzes and tutorials for English topics.
  • Word Trip – iOS appAndroid app. – Great little fun word game. Free but with adverts
  • English with Emma – Great English lessons focused on speakers of other languages
  • Read books together, or write own comic strip / short story and illustrate it
  • Learn the spellings of tricky words
  • Look up and learn 10 new words a day and write a sentence using each new word in context.
  • Word games, crosswords, scrabble, puzzles
  • SpellTower – iOS app. Fun and free spelling , crossword game
  • Audible – Audible stories is a selection of free audio books for kids, no login. This is a fantastic!
  • Digital Parenting – Excellent advice from Vodafone about balancing online use for your kids.
  • Scratch Jr – Learn to code, basic lessons for kids
  • CodingGame – Advanced lessons in coding based on making games
  • Educate in VR – If you’re lucky enough to have a PSVR, Oculus or other headset try out this list with the kids. For my money I’d get Titans of Space
  • Why not video chat friends and family? Maybe the grandparents could set a small lesson in the afternoon.
  • Savvy Shopping – Our guide to cheap and easy meals on a budget
  • Sport England – #StayInWorkOut, some guidance and ideas for keeping fit at home
  • Yoga Fareham – Free Yoga classes for adults and family classes. Free but accepting donations
  • School of SOS – Free Dance classes live streamed through Instagram and on Zoom
  • PnP Arcade –  Board games to print out and play with your kids. Many are free
  • Joe Wicks – Great exercise routines for all ages.