I was working for the Bristol Housing Foundation on setting up the Positive Moves project which uses sport as a medium to raise people’s levels of positivity. It was through this I met the Bristol community learning development worker, I was thinking about doing a course but life sometimes gets in the way, she encouraged me to take part in the Introduction to Sports Coaching course which meant I could then go on to do the CSLA Level 2 qualification.

For me it was a chance to learn and get qualified so I took it with both hands, and it has pushed me to places I’ve never thought.

The courses provide increased focus and discipline especially if you are in a bad situation; it can provide structure in your life and help get you through. The skills you gain through the courses are all transferable. Through sport you can train yourself mentally and push yourself. After the course I got the chance to deliver sports courses with Second Chance and the local college. I have also been working on a wide variety of different projects, including the
bike project, computer repairs, free food programme and ‘Access Denied’, a short sport programme. I come from a similar background to the people I work with and it’s really important to encourage social enterprise to young people. Everyday I think wow it really has changed my life, and to think that it all started with me doing the intro into sports coaching. It’s been a fantastic platform and had a massive impact on me, I’ve been able to reach out and help others. The future looks really positive.