Case studies

Pete's story

Doing this course has really helped me to understand the value of learning and volunteering, everyone has been so encouraging and really helped me, I’m trying to put myself out there and come out of my shell a bit a bit more.

Del's story

The courses provide increased focus and discipline especially if you are in a bad situation; it can provide structure in your life and help get you through. The skills you gain through the courses are all transferable. Through sport you can train yourself mentally and push yourself.

Toni's Story

Before I started the course. I thought I wouldn’t fit in, but after three weeks I had spoken to everyone on the course and I am still in contact with them now. The tutor was absolutely wonderful; she broke things down into sections which made it much easier.

Community Learning changes lives

The work of our team reaches out into our community, anywhere you find people you can find its impact. This area will collect stories from those touched by the dramatic impact of lifelong learning.

dick whittington cat

M's story

She had expected an experience like Dick Whittington with streets paved with gold. She lived in London for a year and then was given a choice to stay in London {with her father} or move to Bristol with her mother. She went to Bristol and has never moved since

Mohammed's story

Due to the worsening situation in Syria he and his family fled. At this time he totally lost his sight due to shrapnel.
He’s really enjoying the ESOL classes he’s doing at Easton Families Centre, although at first he couldn’t understand what was going on! He thinks that having learner support in the classroom has enabled him to stay in the ESOL class as it helped him to participate.
I learnt a new ability, now I can cook at home

Lisa's story

I’ve been that person struggling and not knowing where to turn. Being on the course has given me the confidence to go for it. So if you are a bit nervous, just give it a go, you won’t regret it.

Layla's story

Layla gained confidence through the family learning course and her children were more respectful as they saw her in the school, in the classroom. Layla remembers the course all those years back: ‘Fantastic!’ she says and ‘I’ve never looked back’ ‘ I’ve never been a full time, stay at home mum since that course’

Jacqui's story

I started volunteering at the local job club; it was there that I found out about the the Bristol community learning IT courses. It was already in the back of my mind to improve my computer skills. The course was great, made me feel much more confident and helped me with my CV.

Laura's story

When the tutor Shirley Andrews was asked who she would like to nominate she immediately said Laura.
Laura was a committed and engaged learner taking as much from the course as she could.
Since the course, Laura has been on a long and at times frustrating journey