Get a laptop or digital device
Bristol City Council is working to distribute refurbished laptops and digital devices to Bristol residents who would benefit from better digital access

Community Learning is working with Bristol waste to get devices into the hands of the people who need them most

How to get a laptop

Many of our courses now use digital devices to ensure that you get access to the web and additional resources. Where possible you will be given a refurbished laptop to keep as part of the course.

Support for your laptop

Welcome to your new laptop, we hope that it helps you to learn and stay in touch during the difficult time. On this page we have collected resources for learning as well as guidance to help keep you safe when browsing the web. We know you’re probably keen to get started but please look at the keeping safe information and using data information below before getting started.

If you have any technical concerns you can look at the help section lower on this page.

What is on your laptop?

What to do if it goes wrong

Your new laptop is supported through Bristol Waste. If the laptop breaks then you may be eligible for a swap out. If you have broken the laptop (i.e. dropped it and broken the screen) they may still be able to help for a small repair fee. Please note this applies only to laptops which have been supplied through this scheme. You can call them on 01173406666 or visit their website

PLEASTE NOTE: All swap outs will be carried out contact-free. This means you are responsible for backing up and work or other material on your laptop as if it requires a swap-out all of your work will be securely deleted.

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