Sling Their Hook

5th October 2023

The Neighbourhood Watch is running an excellent anti-scammer campaign called ‘Tell scammers to sling their hook’

We really liked the message so have created our own versions for our classrooms. We’ve broken down their guidance to 5 key points:

They use our best nature against us, like being overly friendly or asking for favours. One of the most common scams is to pretend to be a relative or friend and ask for money or other help.

1. STOP and take a breath. Scammers love to put you under pressure. Think and ask for advice before acting.

2. If a friend asks you to send them money in an emergency. ALWAYS call them and speak to them first.

3. DON’T click links in emails or texts. If you need to speak to your bank call them directly yourself.

4. CHALLENGE anything that seems suspicious or uncomfortable. Only scammers are likely to pressure you.

5. DON’T worry about upsetting someone, say ‘No’ and avoid the risk of losing thousands.

If it doesn’t SEEM right, SOUND right or FEEL right. Tell Scammers to SLING THEIR HOOK!