Get back into Maths for free

19th September 2023

You can meet the Multiply team at the Galleries from 9am – 2pm this Friday. Find out how to boost your confidence with using maths in everyday life or work towards a maths qualification to help you get further in your career.

We have a particular focus on free courses for retail support staff but have free courses for anyone who is looking to improve their maths skills and boost their confidence.

As part of the government Multiply project Bristol City council are offering free maths classes for Bristol employers. The aim of these classes is to help both the staff and local business through the following key benefits:
• Improved efficiency of the business
• Reduced reliance on key staff
• Avoidance of costly mistakes
• Raised employees’ self-esteem
To find out more come to our stand at Bristol Launchpad, The Mall, Galleries on the ground floor, Friday the 22nd September anytime between 9am and 2pm or email us at for more information.

Get Maths, Get On