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To give people the choice to remain safe and happy in their own homes by providing a first class home care service combined with supplying independent living equipment

Shining Care Mission:

We aim to be the best at what we do, be a great company to work for and achieve health care success.

Award-Winning Agency – Shining Care Bristol:

To ensure quality is maintained in everything we do, we aim: – To provide a service of high standard of care. To enable customers to live within their own home with support (wherever possible). – To continually provide an exemplary service to all clients.

Domestic Care

Shopping, this can either be done online for delivery, or purchased at local shops, returned to the house and put away

Personal Care

Assisting with dressing/undressing getting up in the morning and preparing for bed at night

Advices & Guidance

Its not easy to find always for advise and a guidance when you really need it

Social Care

Providing companionship, sitting and chatting service, social skills, encouraging social interaction and making sure the client is prepared

Private Clients

Welcome to any private clients in Shining Care service and if you are looking for the best service in local area Then, please contact us: 0117 325127.
There is a free online form that you can request a initial assessment for our services