Lone Working and mediation

25th July 2023

Date: Tuesday 24th October

Venue: Face to face at the Park

Facilitator: Donna Ward- Higgs

Working in outreach locations can throw up a whole host of challenges. In this workshop we will explore some of those challenges and work together to find appropriate ways to manage some of the situations that may arise. The session will be highly interactive and participative, drawing on the knowledge and experience you each bring. Our learning outcomes for the session are as follows:

  • discuss the challenges of lone working and outreach
  • acknowledge the impact of these challenges in a safe and supported environment
  • identify ways to use a range of verbal and non-verbal communication skills to de-escalate challenging situations
  • apply tools and techniques including breathwork and mindfulness to stay calm in challenging situations
  • build confidence in feeling able to navigate challenges in outreach situations
  • recognise potential avenues for support when dealing with such challenge
    The session will be led by Donna Ward-Higgs, Director of Learning Partner Solutions Ltd.

A face to face version of the training on Friday 8th September

10 places only