e-safety tips from learners

22nd February 2023

It was recently world internet safety day. As part of our activities around this we ran a competition for learners to submit their top tips and cautionary tales. So, without further ado, here are the 5 winning submissions:

Children are surrounded by the internet, especially at home and free to watch things not appropriate to their age. Parent scan often miss this as they doomscroll through Facebook themselves.

So parents, supervise your kids online activities. Set up a timetable, not only for kids, but also for yourselves. Limit your internet usage to a level you are in control of.


Be careful using Facebook there are a lot of scam adverts that can look legitimate. Don’t be fooled by fancy pictures and fake comments. Never click any links or enter your details.


You should encourage your children not hesitate to tell you about any thing they’re worrying about, especially messages from strangers. Set your privacy status to control who can see your account on social media, like your family and your friends. Finally, be really careful sharing your bank card details in case of scams


One for the teenagers, don’t search for compliments by sending your photos to strangers (either on line or friends). You can open yourself up to bullying or scams doing this.


One of the major concerns of using emails are phishing emails, whereby hackers trick you to steal personal information fraudulently. It is important to to be wary of any emails asking for your information or asking you to login somewhere.


Thanks to our great learners for all their submissions. We have tried to get in touch with all of you to issue your prizes. If you are mentioned above and haven’t been contacted please drop us a line