Free health checks

15th November 2022

aafihealth are running free health checks at different sites arounds Bristol. Just drop in and get help, advice or get your COVID vaccine!

St Pauls Learning Centre BS2 8XJ

2nd December 11-4:30pm

21st December 11-4:30pm

13th Janurary 11-4:30pm

3rd February 11-4:30pm

24th February 11-4:30pm

17th March 11-4:30pm

Barakah Mall, BS5 0RA

18th November 11-4:30pm

9th December 11-4:30pm

30th December 11-4:30pm

20th January 11-4:30pm

10th February 11-4:30pm

3rd March 11-4:30pm

24th March 11-4:30pm

Wellspring Settlement, BS5 0AX

21st November 11-4:30pm

13th December 11-4:30pm

4th January 12:30-5pm

24th January 11-4:30pm

15th February 11-4:30pm

7thg March 11-4:30pm

29th March 11-4:30pm

No appointment needed. Advice on everything from Diet and exercise to vaccines and referrals.