Black History Month

1st October 2022

October is black History Month. As part of our commitment to developing learners  attitudes of equality and wider awareness of the world, this is a good opportunity to promote knowledge and understanding of this special month with your learners.

You will find information on projects, events and resources on the site:

Black History Month (

You could run a starter discussion on local man  Roy Hackett, the famous civil rights campaigner involved in the “Bristol bus Boycott” who passed away recently:

Bristol bus boycott organiser Roy Hackett dies aged 93 – BBC News

As the protests helped to change both policy and law, you could link this to British Values and how the democratic and individual  right to protest (individual liberty, democracy) about equal rights (tolerance and mutual respect) helped change law (rule of law) in feeding into new legislation such as the Race Relations Act and the Equality act.

There are also a range of resources in google drive for you that you can add to if you find something you would like to share with others: