Dyslexia Stories

6th October 2021

This week is Dyslexia awareness week. To raise awareness the British Dyslexia association is highlighting the stories of individuals. Dyslexia can be completely invisible so this is a great way to raise awareness of the difficulties people can face. Over to them…

Your voice matters.

We believe that everyone with dyslexia has a unique story and the power to create positive change. Which is why we invite you to share your story with us.

By sharing your story you can:

  • Enrich the dyslexic community by helping others feel validated, accepted and understood.
  • Support the British Dyslexia Association in our mission to raise awareness of the realities of living with dyslexia.

This Dyslexia Week we will be focusing on the invisibility of dyslexia. This year we aim to offer a platform to those whose voices have been previously unheard. We want to hear your stories. Share your story with us here.

Your stories

Bushra Abu-Helil

Click here to read Bushra’s story.

Catherine Boafo-Yirenkyi

Click here to read Catherine’s story.

Ruth Breen

Click here to read Ruth’s story.

Lorna Burnett

Click here to read Lorna’s story.

Mark Cooper

Click here to read Mark’s story.

Olivia Corrie

Click here to read Olivia’s story.

John Crawshaw

Click here to read John’s story.

Alice Ferns

Click here to read Alice’s story.

Chantal Gagnon

Click here to read Chantal’s story.

Sarah Hill

Click here to read Sarah’s story.

Victoria Hind

Click here to read Victoria’s story.

Nicholas Hounsfield

Click here to read Nicholas’ story.

Shelley Johnson

Click here to read Shelley’s story.

Callum Langstroth

Click here to read Callum’s story.

Lynn Matthews

Click here to read Lynn’s story.

Bronya Meadley

Click here to read Bronya’s story.

Eva Middleton

Click here to read Eva’s story.

Jacqui Perks

Click here to read Jacqui’s story.

Sophia Preston

Click here to read Sophia’s story.

Ryan Rahim

Click here to read Ryan’s story.

Nicola Sandy

Click here to read Nicola’s story.

Paul Strick

Click here to read Paul’s story.

T – Further Education Lead Tutor at a Creative College

Click here to read T’s story.

Kim To

Click here to read Kim’s story.

British Dyslexia Association (bdadyslexia.org.uk)

Webinar focusing on dyslexia in the workplace on 7 October 

Dyslexia Week is 4 to 10 October. You can attend a free webinar on 7 October from 12-1.30pm, where you’ll hear from a range of speakers, each with the goal of challenging stereotypes and showing examples of good practice. They’ll cover: 

  • Hearing the lived experience of dyslexic individuals 
  • Employer’s duty of care under the Equality Act 
  • Empowering dyslexic talent at work 
  • Examples of good practice of dyslexia friendly policies 
  • Recruiting and retaining dyslexic talent 

You can find out more about the activities going on throughout the week and how you can get involved, and members of the dyslexic community are invited to share their stories on the British Dyslexia Association website.