A Celebration of Community Action in the Pandemic

9th November 2020

Its challenging times and as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country we’ve seen an amazing community response with people supporting each other from across Bristol. If you have been doing things in your community however small, we’ve organised an event just for you so please come and join us.

Monday 23 November 

6:30pm to 8pm

On Zoom

To book on: 

We realise people are feeling tired as we enter a second lockdown and COVID-19 will continue through the winter and beyond. As we can’t meet face to face, we are hosting an online celebration event for anyone who has been supporting people during the pandemic.

It is a space of celebration where we’ll have fun, meet other people doing things across the city, they’ll be couple of guest speakers to help re-energise you as well as time for you to have your own conversations with some of the participants.

Come dressed for a party and bring good cheer. This event is for you so it’s not a party unless you come. Thanks for everything you have been doing, the people of Bristol are amazing – lets come together and do what we do best…