5 top tips for online learning

24th September 2020

With everything locking down again we wanted to take a quick look at some top tips for setting quality online learning plans.

  1. Plan ahead. How are you going to keep in touch with your learners? Can you build a ‘home base’? A home base is a simple website built with something like Google Sites or even Padlet so students always know how to get the latest information.
  2. Keep it simple. Just meeting once a week over video conferencing and sending out a couple of links can be a great foundation for excellent online learning.
  3. Help students self study. The beauty of blended learning is that you promote critical thinking and motivation. Set tasks that require students to find and evaluate their own study resources.
  4. Keep in touch. Don’t forget, even if you have a weekly Zoom meeting, there are loads of ways to touch base on an individual basis. A quick chat over instant messaging can really lift spirits and resolve problems.
  5. Test it! Finally, don’t just ‘fire and forget’. Make sure you can log in and complete the work you are setting. Do all the links work? A little bit of work now will save lots of problems later.

The downloadable document is here: