Home Learning week 8 – Insects

Our eight week of Key Stage 1 & 2 activities comes to Insects in celebration of national insect week! Family learning week 8 – Insects  

Refugee week

To celebrate refugee week here are resources and support links for you: Learning English in Bristol website. Partners delivering courses across Bristol Here are the websites which have info about events, podcasts and celebrations Bristol Refugee festival Events On line Conversation clubs How it works: 1. Choose time and day that suits you 2. Join […]

BLM and me

My background is one of privilege although I grew up in working class poverty. I grew up in a single parent family, with low aspirations and limiting beliefs. I was the first graduate of the entire extended family on both sides. There was a joke around the estate that went something like this; “if you […]

Privilege and entitlement

Having read the words of my colleague Jenny at Bristol Courses I wanted to put pen to paper, so to speak. This is a personal message from myself supported by the Community Learning team in response to the ongoing protests.   James   I pretty much hit the jackpot in terms of privilege. I’m a […]

Loan shark warning

People suffering financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic are being urged to avoid loan sharks who cause profound misery and stress to their victims. Loan sharks are unregulated, often give cash loans without any paperwork and charge extortionate interest rates. In most cases, victims are introduced to the lender either through a friend, family member […]

Learn about Dinosaurs!

Week 7 of our learn at home series takes us back 65 million years! As usual lots of questions for ages 4 to 7 and 7 to 11 Home Learning – Week 7 – Dinosaurs  

Home learning – Olympics

Week 6 of our home learning and this week we look at the topic of the Olympics for Key Stages 1 and 2 (5-7 years and 7-11 years) Home Learning – week 6 – Olympics As a reminder you can find all of our previous weeks of home learning here

Grow at home

Growing food at home is one way to be #BristolFoodKind, and there are lots of tips and inspiration to help. Join a free webinar with Incredible Edible’s Sara Venn on 3 June to learn how to grow food at home with the things you already have around you, read this inspiring blog about how Bristolians […]

Mental Health Support

It was mental health week last week so we have a round-up of some support from across the web: MIND Bristol Youtube channel Includes tips for reducing anxiety whilst in lockdown and working from home. Mental Health Week: the theme of kindness: Key points: · Kindness means being caring and compassionate to others but also […]