We’re good!

3rd March 2020

A big thank you to all our staff and learners. We have just been inspected by Ofsted and have retained our good grade. Ofsted stated:


Studying the community learning curriculum at BCC has had a profound and affirmative effect on many learners lives. A stimulating, well planned and sequenced curriculum contributes significantly to learners becoming valued and noteworthy members of society.


Staff are aspirational for their learners and their teaching ensures that all learners are involved and meeting their own personal targets and goals . As a result, learners are highly motivated to learn , increase their resilience and strive to achieve their qualifications swiftly.


Learners very much value staff who listen carefully to their views about their education and training and act promptly to their concerns. Staff use feedback to enhance learners experiences



It goes without saying that we’re very proud of our achievements, and thankful to all of those who contributed. The full Ofsted report can be downloaded here