Free VIP film screening

15th October 2019

We wanted to let you know about an opportunity for learners to see a special preview of the new Ken Loach film Sorry We Missed You (director of I, Daniel Blake; this time it’s Zero hours contracts are under scrutiny)

5 star film review here

The previews are being organised by the distribution company, and invited VIPs include politicians, local councillors, pressure groups, and those advocating for workers and their rights.
We also want to bring some voices of people who may have been affected by some if the issues in the film, or may know people who have.

It’s important for voices other than those of professionals to be part of the conversation, and to get the input of audiences outside of the usual Watershed profile.

We’ve already taken one group of learners to see I, Daniel Blake and the discussions that followed felt important. Learners reported feeling surprised and empowered that their reality was being shown on screen. And baffled by the tears, surprise and outrage that the middle class audiences around them displayed!
They were crucial voices in the discussion of the film.

It could be a treat for a whole group, or just an opportunity for any individual.
I’ll cover travel to the Watershed and snacks/ drinks after the screening.


  • Free VIP screening of Sorry We Missed You at Watershed, Bristol
  • Tuesday 22 Oct
  • Meet Tara in lobby at Watershed at 10.45am to be welcomed
  • Screening 11am – 12.40am
  • Drinks and snacks 12.40 – 1.00
  • Discussion/ feedback on film 1.00 – 2pm
    (This is just a general chat about what people thought of the film – nothing scary!)

To sign up learners can text on 07451275920 or email Tara.