Free courses

22nd July 2019

The open university have a list of free courses up that you can tackle. We’ve got some ideas below but the full list is here



Preparing for Digital Life

Preparing for your digital life in the 21st Century, provides a general overview of how digital technology has come to dominate virtually every aspect of the modern world and some guidance on how to prepare for this digital life. It also provides a more detailed explanation of the internal structure and workings of a typical computer.


Obesity and balance diets

The incidence of obesity is on the increase in affluent societies, and the phenomenon commands increasing attention from health professionals, legislators and the media. This free course, Obesity: Balanced diets and treatment, looks at the science behind obesity, examining the dietary, physiological and genetic aspects of the topic.


Maths everywhere

Maths everywhere, explores reasons for studying mathematics, practical applications of mathematical ideas and aims to help you to recognise mathematics when you come across it. It introduces the you to the graphics calculator, and takes you through a series of exercises from the Calculator Book, Tapping into Mathematics With the TI-83 Graphics Calculator. The course ends by asking you to reflect on the process of studying mathematics. In order to complete this free course you will need to have obtained a Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator and the book Tapping into Mathematics With the TI-83 Graphics Calculator (ISBN 0201175479).


Intro to cyber security

Our lives depend on online services. Gain essential cyber security knowledge and skills, to help protect your digital life.

We shop online. We work online. We play online. We live online. As our lives increasingly depend on digital services, the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important.