Women’s day

20th March 2019
Thank you for the outstanding number of competition entries we received for the post it challenge. We were truly overwhelmed and inspired by the learner’s entries. After much deliberation, we have identified the following winners:
Q: What’s important to you?
“To get my goal and be a useful personality in the community”
Nima Yusuf
 Q: What brings you happiness?

“When I am able to complete something independently” 

Patsy King
Q: What makes you sad?
“Fear, insecurity, reading daily newspapers, sad movies, happy movies, thinking about others suffering, thinking any thought that involves negative dialogue, Mum guilt, knowing children in the world have no clean drinking water.” 
Toni Alexander
Q:What would you change in the world if you could to help women?
“To advise women to stop expecting too much from men, instead expect from themselves.” 
Franciska Harrison
 Q: what single word would you use to describe yourself:
Elly Oddie