Improved Communication Channels

11th January 2019

Hello All.

It became apparent at our Development Worker’s Team meeting that there were some general messages which I had given to some of you and maybe not others.  In order to rectify this, I initially thought I would  send out an e-mail at the end of each week to summarise the things I had told people or to let you know about the sorts of things I had been doing or discussing to keep you all up to date.  However, the thought of sending an email that may be lost amongst the many did not really appeal.  So I thought I would try a blog.  A learning experience for me and something different for us.

As blogs can potentially be read by anyone the information will not be personal or business sensitive but include things such as the ability to offer entry-level 1 and 2 English and maths qualifications this year, or where to find information on the e-safety initiative.  I hope you find this a useful tool and we will see how it goes for a month or two.