We’re hiring!

25th May 2018

We are taking on an Apprentice Learning Technologist as part of our successful Flexible Learning fund bid. This exciting new role will provide IT support services, including technical advice and guidance and to help develop digital online training materials.

Working from the Park Community Learning Centre, the apprentice will be able to develop a wide range of IT skills including server management, database systems, website design and hardware system maintenance. More importantly, the position will fill an important role developing courses and materials for tutors using graphical design software.


We are seeking applicants right now, with a closing date of the 11th June. If you are successful you would gain important on the job training whilst also completing the technical aspects to build into a level 3 advanced Apprenticeship.

If you have any questions about the role, feel free to email James, Team Leader Digital Learning.

To apply please visit the application page at the find an apprenticeship site