Free online courses

23rd January 2018

Some great new courses have been added to the Futurelearn website which may be of interest to many of the people on Community learning courses


Writing better emails £42

Starts – 29th January

  • Planning emails to achieve their purpose
  • Organising content in a logical, reader-friendly structure
  • Adapting emails to different audiences and situations
  • Writing and editing emails to make them clear and concise
  • Writing specific messages and building a relationship with the reader
  • Useful phrases used in modern business email writing


Questioning for Call Handlers £Free
Available now

  • Explanation about the importance of studying conversations
  • Audio recordings of telephone calls from research that examined how nurses, using decision support software, asked patients questions over the phone
  • Video recordings of nurses using decision support software, synchronized with telephone calls
  • Video material that explains different types of questions and the influence of decision support software