National Storytelling Week

19th December 2017

Inspire others to learn something new during National Storytelling Week
From 27 January Bristol Learning City is inviting people to share a positive story about how learning has changed their lives.
Storytelling can educate, entertain and inform and is something that most of us do, every day, often without realising that we are. As part of National Storytelling Week, Bristol Learning City would like to hear from people who have their own learning story to share. Examples could range from leaning that takes place in formal setting, to sharing skills with friends and neighbours.

“We know that learning has the power to change lives. Learning a new skill can open doors, help people get jobs, make friends and new connections. One of Bristol’s strengths is the diverse range of learning opportunities available. Sharing your own learning story can inspire people to begin their own learning journey in the city.”

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol and chair of the Bristol Learning City partnership

With personal development and new beginnings on the minds of many in January, by sharing stories we can all encourage someone else to learn a new skill – and make a resolution that could transform lives, local communities and the city.
One way Bristol Learning City is asking local people to get involved with the campaign is by sharing their own learning story on social media using the hashtag #ThisChangedMyLife.