Celebrating success at Begbrook

23rd June 2017

We wanted to take time out at the end of this week to celebrate some of the excellent work that has been going on at one of our partner organisation. Begbrook Primary Academy has been working hard not to just host courses that support the parents of their students but to put a great deal of consideration into their impact. In this way they make sure that they work efficiently for their local community and it’s been fantastic to hear the many success stories here as tutors come back singing their praises.

At Begbrook they have taken the approach of building and supporting parent learning in 3 ways:

  • Parents reach out to pull in further parents
  • As confidence increases, learners move from “low threat” courses to more “academic” courses
  • Parents cascade their learning to their children

Begbrook Academy described there approach to us:
‘We started parent learning here by hosting approachable courses, i.e courses like first aid and craft. The craft course finished, parents wanted to continue, so we agreed to facilitate a parent craft group which would make creative story sack-type resources for the school. The parents have cascaded the original craft course learning to new parents who have joined the group. They have also become involved in literacy development through a craft medium. Therefore, organisations interested in developing literacy skills should not, in our experience, discount arts and crafts as a ‘way in’.’


“This project has been an emotional one for me, as I have seen the impact of parent learning upon our school community.  Our philosophy is that as parents are learning new skills at Begbrook and developing their confidence in learning, they are able to transfer those skills and attitudes to their children. So we feel projects like this are having a hugely positive impact on all of the pupils at Begbrook”

Clare Morton, Parent Learning Leader


Further data:
At Begbrook in academic year 2016/17, 24 adults have accessed a course.
Over a third have accessed a further course, either at Begbrook or Little Hayes (our nearest Family Centre)
These 24 adults are the parents of 36 Begbrook children and yet more younger and older siblings: learning is passed to these children
100% of adult learners wish to continue their learning on future courses

“I did the course to be meditative and improve my anxiety”

“I have learnt loads of skills and I have shared loads with my children”

“I’ve brushed up on my basic skills again”

“Please keep running basic and simple courses for parents. I still want to learn more about English”

Comments from parents on variety of the courses

“Mum’s originally from Pakistan. She’s been coming to keep up with me in English and maths so she can help me with my homework.”

Child’s voice, Yr 6 (about maths course)

“She does her important work. Letters. My daddy says she needs to do important work.”

Child (Nursery) about mum’s English course