Staying safe

5th June 2017

In the wake of the terrible London attack this past weekend there have again been calls from the Government to crack down on online services and Social media. This being a community learning site we don’t want to get into a political discussion, even though this argument is often made by all political parties. If you would like to know more, the excellent Ars Technica has a detailed explanation of why such reactionary, if well meaning, policies are doomed to failure.

For good, and for ill, the genie is most definitely out of the bottle and technology isn’t going away. The best thing we can do is understand it, share it and help each other to make the best use of it.

What we will talk about is keeping yourself safe online, we have added a great deal of online safety materials to our website and Ars Technica have linked again to an excellent article from last year for some more advanced discussion.