New Wellbeing courses available

1st February 2017

The courses available as part of the Learning for Wellbeing Project include:

Look at how diet can affect our mental wellbeing

How to cook nutritious meals too, develop your skills.

Monday     10:00 – 12:30
Starting 9 January 2017    Ending 20 February 2017
Wellspring, Beam Street, Barton Hill, BS5 9QY

Introduction to Pottery

Develop your skills and make items such as vases, tiles and ornaments using a variety of clays, glazes and techniques

Thursday   1:00pm – 3:30pm
Starting 2nd March 2017   Ending 6th April 2017
St Pauls Learning Centre, 92 Grosvenor Road, Bristol, BS2 8XJ

Please note this research is not suitable for:
· People who are younger than 19
· People who have serious /severe mental health problems
· People who have major problems with non-prescribed drugs or alcohol or some other addictions
· People who were involved in this research last year (although you are very welcome to join refresh sessions this year)
· People who are unwilling or able to give their informed consent to be involved.

This research study is taking place between September 2016 and July 2017, funded by the Department for Education (DfE). We hope to answer the following question:

“Can community learning courses help people to manage things, like not sleeping, finding it hard to go out, worrying, feeling anxious, sad or low?

Across England, we hope about 14,000 people will get involved in this research this year. In Bristol, we want to recruit some people who are bothered by things like not sleeping, stress, finding it hard to go out, worrying, feeling anxious, sad or low, and some people who don’t have these problems.

If they would like to book a place and take part in this research project please ask them to call 0117 9039 750 or e-mail:

They will be asked to attend an Initial guidance session with the Learning for Wellbeing project coordinator to see if they meet the criteria for this research that has been set nationally .