A break for something beautiful

13th July 2016

Our whole team are out having a rare chance to celebrate and get hands on with finger painting thanks to the fantastic Paper Arts

Everyone had a great day, big thanks to Jane for making this possible. We never want to spend money that could be better invested in our local communities, so someone doing something for us for a few hours was great!

Paper Arts provides local creatives with support and spaces to get their creativity flowing:

We’ve all been there; you can’t seem to find the resources, experience or support you need to turn your creative practice into a source of income and you don’t know where to turn.

Coming from the same background, we have experienced the same challenges and obstacles that you might face when working in the arts. We have also learnt a lot about overcoming these barriers!

As a result, the support you receive comes from people who understand your position, making us the perfect hub for young and talented creatives to develop their ideas and realise their potential.