Google Drive Training

11th July 2016

Course content: Our Google Classroom uses Google Drive to store files for you to share with learners. We will use this system to share best practice and make videos, documents and pictures available across our consortium. This training will cover sharing of files and how to find documents and resources.
• Safe sharing of files to the internet
• Link Sharing, sending to non-network people and the whole internet
• Folder sharing to groups and individuals
• Syncing – how can access my work?

Google Drive will give all of our tutors and Development workers access to key files, photos/videos and make it easier to share best practice

Location: Stoke Lodge Computer Room


Date and Time: 19th July 9am to 12:30pm


Facilities, food etc:


Payments: This course is provided free. Tutors can attend though they will not be reimbursed