Tutor Conference

26th May 2016

Wednesday 7 September is the date for our annual tutor conference.  This year’s event will focus on digital inclusion and what Universal Credit and benefit caps mean for our learners. We will be looking at how our curriculum and teaching can prepare learners for benefit changes and for getting ready for work, and in equality & diversity workshops we will focus on how to handle difficult situations around these topics. Invites will be going out soon.


9:15        Arrival and Refreshments.

9.30        Welcome and Introductions: Jane Taylor – Service Manager Employment, Skills and Learning

Presentation: Katie Britton – Benefits changes

10.30      Workshop 1 – you will asked to select your priorities on the next page

12.00      Lunch – a chance to refuel and catch up with colleagues

13.00      Workshop 2 – you will asked to select your priorities on the next page

14.30      Close



There will be four different workshops, each delivered twice, once in the morning and then repeated in the afternoon. Tell us your choice of workshops below. We will allocate places based on your priorities.

Equalities – Difficult Conversations
Workshop leader – Daniel Wood.
This session explores how to establish an ethos of equality in the classroom and how to encourage your learners to know their rights. It also provides practical advice about how to turn a prejudiced comment into a learning opportunity, how to anticipate topics that may expose sharp differences of opinion and where ‘British values’ fit in.

IT – Ideas and Activities
Workshop leader – James Bruton.
A chance to explore some practical and fun ways IT and digital technology can enhance your classroom. We will look at tools available, ideas for how to use them and some fun activities to try. The workshop will be an interactive session which will get you moving. Forget the idea of IT tools as static screens and computers.

Developing Employability
Workshop leaders – Angela Marshall and Richard Davies.
This workshop will give tutors the opportunity to investigate the skills valued by employers. During the session we will work with you to identify the employability skills already embedded in your courses. Look at writing SMART employability learning outcomes and develop strategies for assessing them.

Advice and Guidance
Workshop leaders – David Richardson.
This session will look at best practice when delivering information and advice to learners. This ensures that learners are really empowered and supported to progress. Participant will receive a resource pack to take away and use on their courses.