Free Functional skills resources

This page is the full collection of all resources created for the Flexible Learning Fund project. The project runs to Mar 2019 and content will be added to this page beyond that date. As we are in active development please bear in mind that some units may still be work in progress. If you are not part of the project but would like details of how you can use this content please look at our legal section.

Please feel free to download, share and teach!

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The legal bit

This content has been created as part of the Department for Education Flexible Learning Fund. All content is shared without a requirement for logins and can be used in most web browsers. At the close of the project we will make SCORM files of all units available to download. All units are available here as downloadable content in .mp4 or HTML5 format.

Our hope is that practitioners around the country will be able to make use of this material and, with that in mind, have made sure that all the content can be downloaded and used without WiFi so it can reach those who are in more rural or harder to reach areas.

What am I not allowed to do with this?

All content unless specifically marked or a link to an offsite resource is shared under a creative commons licence. You may download and alter all works as needed. The only exclusion to this licence is that all photography and art is licensed only for use as part of the whole work. It is not allowed to art or photography from these units and re-purpose; for example in advertising.

Can I access the original files?

Yes, following the completion of the project we will give instructions on how you can obtain all the text, scripts and original files used. We hope this will encourage providers to make use of these resources and make it easier for them to re-brand as appropriate.

Can I get involved?

Well, if you’re downloading and using our work then you are indeed helping us. If you have any comments you would like to share with us then please drop us a line at this email address

We won’t be checking this much during the project but any photographs or testimonials will be of great benefit to us as we start to finish the project in 2019

How does the licence work?

All work:
Scripts, video materials, audio and quizzes are licensed under:
Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
All other material (primarily images and icons) are only licensed as part of content they are contained within and must not be removed and re-sold. You may, however, add branding and re-use the content as well as alter to more usefully fit your demographic. For example a college could add their logo and change some of the examples in a unit to better fit with a new theme.